Land artist Mr. CHIKAHIRO HANAMURA visited Porapara (20th Aug~2nd Sept-2015) to investigate opportunity to create a creative village with rad-snack in Patenga area. The idea was generated during his participation in FLOATING PEERS-2013 (International Social art practice workshop), it was planned to save the village “Gucchogram”, but the place was occupied by chittagong port authority to expand the Port infrastructure and people will be transferred by the authority support to a safe place. Mr. Hanamura and robii mate the local MP(Honorable Member of Parliament) Mr.MA Latif to know the real situation, they presented their plan for the area to him in an intimate meeting, he was very exited to know the project and proposed some alternative space to do the rad-snack project beside the sea beach(Patenga).Mr. Hanamura and robii visited the area with Mr. Latif(MP). They made a documantation about the next project area and start annalisis to rearrange the total plane. They hope to finished the new planning within next 3 months.



During Mr. Hanamura stay in porapara he visited many holi places in Bangladesh, he mate many local artist in chittagong, Dhaka and Khulna city. He visited central “Mosque” Baitul Mukarrom, Shat Gombuj Mosque, Khan Jahan Ali Mazar shorif and Sundar ban.Mr. Hanamura created a random video archiving avout his 12 days visit and made them available in his facebook wall, he is hopeful about the future activities in bangladesh.
Dhaka City

During hanamura’s dhaka stay, porapara get a worm support from Mr. Abu Sufian, he offered Mr. Hanamura a home stay in his home”PARTHIBALAY” located in Uttarkhan, Uttara, Dhaka. Mr. Hanamura enjoyed the home stay in dhaka.


Artist Hanamura had 2 hours presentation in BOTTOLA Khulna, Local artist and professionals had participated in the presentation session, Bottola artist Runi and Partho organized the event with worm invitation. it created a great opportunity for Mr. Hanamura to meet the local artist and professionals in Khulna city.

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