Porapara Artists Residency Program


Porapara offer 2 residency programs for artists from home and abroad, it is open for visual artists from all discipline and art researcher / curator. Artists can contact before 2 months of their arriving.

Porapara Village residency Project: Porapara village residency and studio is situated in south part of Chittagong city, it is very near to Patenga Saha Amanat International Airport, and Patenga Sea beach, the space for residence is a traditional family house with wide work space, bathroom, kitchen is out side of the room and shared with the other resident. It is in middle of a typical Chittagong village area. Studio space is a teen-shed room (22ftx12ft) with electricity, internet and one PC (only for communication) and out space also useful for work, artists can work with village people and river side or sea side too. The villagers are familiar with artistic activity and cooperative enough. Their is an individual Print making studio in studio campus, so artist can use it for making Aching aquatint or same kind of print related works, Studio equipped with some common heard-wear tools like Grinding, drilling, saw machines ) Duration of program 30 days Porapara will provide:
* Residence and work-space
* A public presentation of artists works in city hall
* A publication on the residency activities (Color)
* Press and media coverage.
* If artists feel interest to work with local artists or Conduct a workshop with village people or to do Other social co-operation then porapara will help to
* make it materialized in every possible way. a field trip to Cox-Bazer or Bander Ban / Rangamati / Kahgrachari
* Closing Dinner Party with local artists.

Participation fee: 500 $ USD

Local artists will get support from porapara stipend for Cover some of the expenses