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Shipapokhare, Sindhupalchowk was the epicentre of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015. Many lives were lost, many left homeless and the terror of aftershock has led to ongoing trauma in the survived victims. The April 25, 2015 earthquake was a nightmare, where out of total 33 affected districts in Nepal, 14 districts in central and western region of the country suffered a huge loss. Sindhupalchowk was one of the worst hit districts. It is also one of the places which was home to a large marginalized and disadvantaged community. The “Rebuilding Recaptured” project aims to carry out a creative rebuilding process with the Shipapokhare community for a better understanding of the way forward.

Traveling to Shipapokhare yesterday.Lasanaa artists in residency

Posted by Rebuilding Recaptured on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Traveling to Shipapokhare 21 May-2017This is a community art project, where artists, writers and researchers from Bangladesh, Finland, India Nepal and Pakistan come together for a creative healing process concentrated on rebuilding the village of Shipapokhare. The project tenure is a month, from 10 May 2017 to 12 June 2017. It is organised by LASANAA / NexUs and Academy of Fine Arts / University of the Arts Helsinki, in collaboration with Porapara Space for Artists, Bangladesh. It is a rebuilding process, after the earthquake, not physically but as a concept of the future, for people who have survived with their strength and ability. It is hoped this project will allow the community to re-imagine their homes, places of business and wider community post-earthquake. It is also hoped this project will empower the community to re-envision a sense of common purpose and find new directions. By encouraging the participation of international artists we can share experiences of community trauma and healing across cultural divides which privilege authentic dialogue and sharing of lived experiences.For the first ten days, artists will meet at LASANAA Residency, Kathmandu, where they will be doing workshops, getting to know each other, and learning how to collaborate with the community. After that, they will be staying at Shipapokhare for ten days, where they will be working with the community for a rebuilding process. Workshops will be held by students, teachers, youth and mother groups from the village. LASANAA has been working with 10 adolescent children from Shipapokhare, who will be represented as the ambassadors of the community, as a first step to the rebuilding process. It is an exchange process, where artists will be learning how to survive in a strenuous situation and the community will be taught new perspectives to rebuilding themselves. After that, the artists come back to Kathmandu and prepare for a public exhibition, which will be held at NexUs Culture Nepal on 5 June 2017. After the departure of the international artists, Nepali artists will be working for two more months, and creating individual or collaborative presentation about the project.

It is all about capturing the rebuilding process from a new light. By involving both artists and the community together it is hoped we can blur the boundaries between creative expression and the community experience and invite all participants into a collective and collaborative space where new futures can be imagined and created out of the experience of disaster.

Abhishekh Shah (NP), Abu Naser Robii (BD), Amritah Sen (IN), Ashmina Ranjit (NP),
Deepti Sherchan (NP), Farooq Adam (PK), Hemmo Siponen (FI), Hira Bijuli Nepali (NP),
Iisa Lepisto (FI), JP Kaljonen  (FI), Kunjan Tamang (NP), Keshab Raj Khanal (NP),
Malashree Suvedi (NP), Moona Pennanen (FI), Muna bhadel (NP), Muna Gurung (NP),
Prakash Ranjit (NP), Rabin Maharjan (NP), Rabita Kisi (NP), Shrawan Maharjan (NP),
Ulrika Ferm (FI/DE), Yajyu Manandhar (NP)

Ashmina Ranjit / South-Asia,Nepal
Narayan Rokka / Shipapokhare, Nepal
JP Kaljonen / Finland and Abu Naser robii/ Bangladesh

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Traveling to Shipapokhare yesterday.Lasanaa artists in residency

Posted by Rebuilding Recaptured on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Traveling to Shipapokhare 21 May-2017