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Porapara Space for Artists is an artist-run initiative with a mission to provide basic logistical,mediation and production support for emerging artists since the year of foundation 2004. Situated at Charbasthi,a beautiful village of Patenga in Chittagong, next to the Shah Amanat International Airport, between the estuary of Karnafuli river and the beach of Bay of Bengal.
The Space has run some excellent participatory based community projects with local peoples as well as with artists from home and abroad. Also has organized workshops, residency programs, exhibitions, public art projects and artists’talks during the operational years.Porapara Space for Artists is a platform for mass communication through artistic activities.


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Red Guardian

Chikahiro Hanamura (JP) and workgroup: Masaki Morishima (JP) and A.K.M. Ariful Islam (BD)
(Exhibited at Open Studio Day at Karnafuli river bank in Gucchagram)

the villages of Gucchagram are located next to the river bank of Karnafuli river. In 2011 Chittagong City Corporation started to enlarge the bank to protect the villages at the Patenga shore from tide and floods of rainy season. The bank is 750 meters long and was finished 2013. Because the bank was build from soft sand material it got broken after one year. If the bank is not repaired the floods can lead to destruction and many deaths.

Because the bank protects not only the Gucchagram but also many other villages of the Patenga area it forms shared infrastructural space for the areas people. Red Guardian is a project to turn the river bank to a huge sculpture by sand bags placed on the bank to strengthen its structure for long run. The sands backs are painted with attractive red color, forming 750 meters long body of a snake and to the end of the bank the bags are composed to form a head of the snake. In rainy season the snake sinks under the water and when the season changes it comes visible again, transforming it´s color over the time from red to beaten green.

The goal of the project is to protect the Gucchagram and other villages of the area but also to create a strong symbol for the Patenga. The snake will attract the tourists and by them it can increase the livelihood of Gucchagram inhabitants.

The first stage of the project includes the snakes head, made from 2000 sand bags which are painted red. Also designed plans for the whole sculpture and two scale models of a snake, first the whole snake in 1:5000 scale and the second, the snakes head in 1:1000 scale are produced during the workshop. The snake´s head at the bank and models are presented to the public at the Open Studio day. The plan is presented to the authorities and founders after the workshop on order to realize the bank sculpture in near future.



International Performance art Festival Bangladesh-2011

Seiko Katayama(Japan)During the event @ Dhaka Art Center


International Performance art Festival Bangladesh-2011
31 January-4 February
Venue: Institute of fine Arts, Chittagong University campus and Dhaka Art Center

Porapara Space for Artist organized the event with the cooperation of NIPAF (Nippon International Performance art Festival) Director of NIPAF visited Porapara with 2 short performance art workshop as the preparation of the festival, The event gathered artist from Japan and Korea in Bangladesh, Japan Foundation support the project as NIPAF Asia tour and Art council Korea support Korean artist to join in the program. We got worm support from A.K.KHAN FOUNDATION,Chittagong,Art & Bangladesh,Dhaka Art Center, Institute of Fine Arts,Chittagong University and Some other personals in Chittagong, We would like to say thanks to all participated artist,technical hands and professionals who made it happened and successful.

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Porapara Performance art workshops


Artist Sanjoy Cakrabarty in performance during 1st Porapara performance art workshop-2019 at patenga


Porapara start the performance art activities from the beginning of it’s operation. We organize 5 performance art workshops to educate the young artist about performance art, approximately 100 artist from different corner of the country joined with us with the workshop activities.Many of them practising in divers creative area, now we can say there is 60 practice emerging performance artist in Bangladesh.
1st performance art workshop was conducted by porapara director artist Abu Naser robii,It was week long workshop in 2009. Then We get very good communication with Japanese artist Seiji Shimoda in 2009. We invited him to conduct workshop in porapara to share his experience about performance art,Performance artist Seiji Shimoda(Japan) conducted 4 of our performance art workshop by cooperation with NIPAF(Nippon Performance, Festival and Japan Foundation,Asian Cultural foundation and depart magazine,Dhaka ). It was really good and influential experience for the participants.


Porapara Artists Residency Program


Porapara offer 2 residency programs for artists from home and abroad, it is open for visual artists from all discipline and art researcher / curator. Artists can contact before 2 months of their arriving.

Porapara Village residency Project: Porapara village residency and studio is situated in south part of Chittagong city, it is very near to Patenga Saha Amanat International Airport, and Patenga Sea beach, the space for residence is a traditional family house with wide work space, bathroom, kitchen is out side of the room and shared with the other resident. It is in middle of a typical Chittagong village area. Studio space is a teen-shed room (22ftx12ft) with electricity, internet and one PC (only for communication) and out space also useful for work, artists can work with village people and river side or sea side too. The villagers are familiar with artistic activity and cooperative enough. Their is an individual Print making studio in studio campus, so artist can use it for making Aching aquatint or same kind of print related works, Studio equipped with some common heard-wear tools like Grinding, drilling, saw machines ) Duration of program 30 days Porapara will provide:
* Residence and work-space
* A public presentation of artists works in city hall
* A publication on the residency activities (Color)
* Press and media coverage.
* If artists feel interest to work with local artists or Conduct a workshop with village people or to do Other social co-operation then porapara will help to
* make it materialized in every possible way. a field trip to Cox-Bazer or Bander Ban / Rangamati / Kahgrachari
* Closing Dinner Party with local artists.

Participation fee: 500 $ USD

Local artists will get support from porapara stipend for Cover some of the expenses

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