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Stone and Water Presents Porapara Space for artist and it’s activities in Chittagong in “Magnolia” space.
Mr.Chang Wan Wee (Director Stone & Water) presents the main topic and relation between porapara and Stone & Water and collaborative exchange projects between the organizations.
Artist Yoon Whee Sub Presents his experience in Porapara in the next presentation, Yoon Whee Sub was paarticipated in porapara international artist residency program 2014. and stayed 1 month in Chittagong. During his residency he visited Khulna, Rajshahi, Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar(Sent martin island) and participated in many workshop with local artist. he presented his project during his residency at porapara in the event.

Venue: Magnolia (Anyang Si, South Korea)
Date and Time: Thurs, 12.02.2015 / 18:00

Porapara International Artists Residency Program 2014

Yoon Whee Sub

( South Korea)

Porapara And Stone & Water start(South Korea) a collaborative exchange project from 2011, we did several activities by active international co-operation, under the co-operation Porapara Space for artists Invited Korean Artist Yoon Whee Sub to stay and work in Porapara Space Patenga, he stayed 30 days with an active schedule and participated in many activities around the country.

Artist Yoon Whee Sub(birth date : 5.May.1976) working as a photography artist in South Korea. Korean Organization Stone & Water supporting him to run his experimental photographic and artistic activities.

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name : Yoon Whee Sub
birth : 5.May.1976
add : 55 Nangok-ro Gwanak-gu Seoul Korea.
edu : KAYWON University of the Arts. in Korea.
e-mail :

International Artist Residency program-2014


Camille Arthémise Millian of Freshly graduated French artist Camille Arthémise Millian arrived in the port city in October for a two-month residency as part of an MoU between Alliance française de Chittagong and Fine Arts Institutes of Chittagong and Besançon, France with the support of Embassy of France in Bangladesh. Together with the students of Fine Arts Institute, Camille Millian has worked with Porapara Space for Artists and JOG Art Space with the aim to exhibit their final artwork at Alliance Française gallery on December 8th,2014. At the same time she has interacted with the locals and attended social gatherings like weddings and other traditional ceremonies. The 24-year-old who is focusing on installations, ceramic art and performance art, got some inspiration from her experience in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar as well as the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

A multimedia presentation by Camille Millian on the French contemporary art scene was organized on 15th November at Alliance Française.




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Camille Arthémise Milliàn
Besançon, FRANCE

policritix expression-2014


সম্প্রতি খুলনাতে অনুষ্ঠিত হল পলিক্রিটিক্স এক্সপ্রেশন শীর্ষক আন্তঃমাধ্যম শিল্প কর্মশালা। পোড়াপাড়া স্পেস ফর আর্টিস্টস এবং খুলনার স্থানীয় সংঘটন বট-তলা যৌথ ভাবে আয়োজন করে এই কর্মশালার, এতে অংশগ্রহণ করে খুলনার বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ১০ জন চারু শিল্প শিক্ষার্থী। ৭ দিনের কর্মশালাটি পরিচালনা ও পরিকল্পনা করেন আবু নাসের রবি এবং অনুষ্ঠানটির সার্বিক সমন্বয়কের ভুমিকায় ছিলেন সায়লা জিন্নাত রুনি এবং পার্থ প্রতীম সাহা।

কর্মশালায় অংশগ্রহণ করেছেন ফারহা তাফরীন, গৌতম চৌধুরী, জগদীশ বিশ্বাস, কবরী বিশ্বাস অপু, পার্থ প্রতীম সাহা, সামীম আশরাফ শ্যালী, সুজন সরকার, সায়লা জিন্নাত রুনি, উপ্পল দাস।

Welcome to porapara!


Porapara Space for Artists is an artist-run initiative with a mission to provide basic logistical,mediation and production support for emerging artists since the year of foundation 2004. Situated at Charbasthi,a beautiful village of Patenga in Chittagong, next to the Shah Amanat International Airport, between the estuary of Karnafuli river and the beach of Bay of Bengal.
The Space has run some excellent participatory based community projects with local peoples as well as with artists from home and abroad. Also has organized workshops, residency programs, exhibitions, public art projects and artists’talks during the operational years.Porapara Space for Artists is a platform for mass communication through artistic activities.


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