Back To The Trees

Performance artist Joydev Roaja are going to organize a performance art event titled as “Back To The Trees” in “Showairi” Krikhyang Para, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh. The event will start from 8th July and ended with a open studio and artist talk 0n 13th July, The event supported by local art lover Lelyhng Samthang and porapara Space for artist and Back to the trees . Artist Joydeb Roaja, Hasna Hena Porosh, Raihan Ahmed Rafi, Shahriar Shaon, Sreekanta Acharjee, Zing Mun, Sapu Tripura confirmed to join the event as participant.
about the project: Back to the Trees is a singular artistic event, inviting artists of all kinds to focus their creative energies on trees and the forest. At nightfall, the time of day when the senses are particularly receptive, Back to the Trees consists of an unusual stroll to the heart of the forest, whose magic is revealed little by little as the promenade progresses. Musicians, visual artists, photographers, video artists, performers, dancers, poets, storytellers, woodcutters, biologists, architects, landscape artists, philosophers, and spiritual healers all come to share their interpretation and their poetic vision of the forest. A complex space, the forest represents many different things: it is the cradle of humanity, the setting for solitary or family walks, a refuge for resistance movements, or a culturally forbidden territory. After six events in France and Switzerland from 2011 on – showing 150 works by artists of 20 nationalities to an audience of 4,500 visitors – Back to the Trees is expanding like a plant, multiplying offshoots from its roots which are becoming new, independent plants. It gives birth in 2018 to several “clone” events which will take place in several forests of the world on the same philosophical bases as those of the founding event. All in all, a fitting development for an artistic ecosystem of this nature, which synthesizes form and content.
All the update and performance photo and videos will be available in this page and ling bellow:

to know more about the event please contact with Program Coordinator Artist Joydev Roaja.

Photos from the Venue: