Rebuilding Recaptured


Shipapokhare, Sindhupalchowk was the epicentre of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015. Many lives were lost, many left homeless and the terror of aftershock has led to ongoing trauma in the survived victims. The April 25, 2015 earthquake was a nightmare, where out of total 33 affected districts in Nepal, 14 districts in central and western region of the country suffered a huge loss. Sindhupalchowk was one of the worst hit districts. It is also one of the places which was home to a large marginalized and disadvantaged community. The “Rebuilding Recaptured” project aims to carry out a creative rebuilding process with the Shipapokhare community for a better understanding of the way forward. Continue reading Rebuilding Recaptured

Kula Bazaar

Porapara Joined with Asian  Art space network exhibition “Kula Bazar” In Gwangju city, South Korea. It was a great event to meet many Art space from the globe in Asian Cultural Center(ACC). We represent our activities and artist from Bangladesh. The event  session was busy with installation works and documents, Opening party, round table discussion and visiting Gwangju Biennial visit. We expand out network around the globe and achieved new connection from many interesting and valuable partners by the events.







Performance Stage-1

Porapara Space for artists and Alliance francaise, Chittagong jointly organized a performance art event “Performance Stage-1” in Alliance francaise Chittagong Gallery hall in 23rd Apr-2016. 15 participants from different district of Bangladesh have join in the event. Artists Abu Naser robii, Afsana Sharmin, Apu Dhar, Aranya Sharma, Farah naz Moon, Hasna hena Porosh, Joydev Roaja, Jubili Dewan, Meherun Sumi, Niloofar Chaman, Partho Protim Saha, Shaila Jinnat(Runi), Srikana Acharjee and Yuvraj Zahed A. Chowdhury,Seiji Shimoda (Japanese Artist)also join in the event during his Chittagong visit,he talked about his artistic journey and life to the art students of fine arts institute C.U. in 22nd evening.




Chikahiro Hanamura visiting Porapara-2015


Visual artists and Social artist Chikahiro Hanamura will visit Porapara space for artist from 20 August ~ 2nd September 2015, during the visit he will re-investigate the opportunity of Red Snack project for future development and visit Dhaka, Khulna and Rajsahi district for preliminary research on agro-truism in Bangladesh. Hanamura will talk with local professional at Porapara in 24th Aug evening, Bot-tola (Khulna) 28 Aug (evening), Rajsahi University in 29th Aug (evening). Porapara would like to invite you to join with Hanamura talk.
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